Building Loop

The building loop shows you how many of your buildings are currently under construction. The time tells you when a honeycomb will be finished getting built or being developed. With the abort button you can cancel building assignments and get refunded 25% of the cost.

You can have a maximum of 3 building assingments running simultaneously. It is important to note that those assignments are executed not simultaneously but sequentially. This means that the first order is executed first and the second can start only when the first assignment is finished.

In case of an aborted assignment premium users get back not only 25 % but 50% of their invested honey. Furthermore, premium users may run up to 5 building loops simultaneously. For more about premium users please read below under Gelee Royal, or the premium category.

For a building assignment to start you need to go into a chamber or click on an empty honeycomb and give the building assignment. There you’ll see the text „Expand XY chamber to stage XY“. Below you can see the price and duration of the assignment.

If you want to expand an empty honeycomb, 5 chambers are available for selection, but only 3 up to level 5 of your royal chamber.

Building Loop

Building Loop

Tip: In order to rise in the ranking, you should try to have as few empty building loops as possible and always have at least one assignment under construction. This will be difficult at the beginning, but with increasing duration of the expansions you should be able to succeed in this. Thus there is always something built in your hive and you can collect or steal new honey for the next expansion unhurriedly.

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