To communicate quickly with other players in the game you can use the chat. In this chat everyone can write something, greet, ask, and just have fun.

To address an individual player, there is the red arrow. Click it and the text: @username will be transferred to the chat line. Please do not confuse this with the „whispering“ in other chats, this text can be read by any other user.

In order to write something in the chat, you just need to enter the text below and then click the send button. To reload the chat faster, you can also click the „update“ button, then the chat will reload immediately.

If you joined a people your people of course will have their own chat. To get there you just have to click the „people chat“ button in the chat. Once the chat is shown as bold you can be sure that only other members of your people can read what you write. Likewise you get back to the „main chat“ when you click on this button again.

In addition, there are moderators and of course a separate area for admins where only they can read and write.


Here are the codes for the possible Smilies

:) :-) =)
:-/ =( :( :-(
:lol: :D :-D :/
8) 8-)
:-O :o :-o :O
;-) ;)
:-* :*
:p :-p :-P :P
]:) |-) |)
:x :X :-x :-X
:S :s :-S :-s
In the chat you can compare notes with other players, chat, joke around and of course get help when you are encountering problems where the general help or the forum have been of no assistance. To not annoy people or misbehave, though, you should read the „chatiquette“ before which you will find above the main chat on the right side – and of course to adhere to it. Now, we just wish you to have fun chatting.

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