Hints & First Steps in BeBees

Here you will find useful tips and tricks on how best to start the game and get the ball rolling quickly. There are several alternatives – some are are effective, others less successful, but all reach the same goal sooner or later.

At the start of the game you and your beehive get

* 50 free worker bees and
* 2000 honey.

It is recommended to build a gatherer‘ chamber with the free honey. This will cost you 500 honey and will need 20 minutes. For the remaining 1500 honey you should first build a residential chamber with room for 20 new free bees, so that your Queen may fill the new residential places with births. A residential chamber costs 300 honey and to build it will need 10 minutes.

Now you have 1200 honey left (2000 honey – 500 honey gatherers‘ chamber – 300 honey residential chamber = 1200), for which you can train 30 gatherer bees out of your workforce of 50 free workers.

A gatherer bee will cost you 30 honey, and the training time is 1 minute. Since a gatherers‘ chamber offers space for 30 gatherer bees only you can only train this maximum number of 30 gatherer bees. That will cost you another 900 honey (30 gatherer bees * 30 honey = 900 honey).

Now you have:

– a residential chamber with additional space for 20 bees besides the 50 bees you already have;
– a gatherers‘ chamber with room for 30 gatherer bees and
– 30 trained gatherer bees, gathering honey for you on the meadows.

It is now up to you how long your gatherer bees will collect honey on the meadows. You may send out your bees to the meadows for a minimum of 1 hour and up to the maximum of 8 hours. A gatherer bee brings back 8 honey to your beehive in the first hour, but only 41.6 honey in 8 hours. To make this a bit clearer, here is the list of why in 8 hours less honey is collected than 8 times what is collected during the first hour:

1 hour = 8,0 honey (1 * 8.0)

2 hours = 15.2 honey (2 * 7.6)

3 hours = 21.6 honey (3 * 7.2)

4 hours = 27.2 honey (4 * 6.8)

5 hours = 32.0 honey (5 * 6.4)

6 hours = 36.0 honey (6 * 6.0)

7 hours = 39.2 honey (7 * 5.6)

8 hours = 41.6 honey (8 * 5.2)

Tip: If possible try to send your gatherer bees to gather honey for 1 hour only and then again 1 hour later. The shorter the flight times are, the lower are your losses concerning your gatherer bees. Because not always will all of them find their way back to your hive!

If you cannot send out your gatherer bees hourly you will have to take losses. From the honey collected you should build a new gatherers‘ chamber. Since you already have 300 honey left (2000 – 500 – 300 – 900 = 300 honey), it should be sufficient to let your gatherer bees collect honey for 1 hour, since then all will come back healthy and you get 240 honey (30 gatherers * 8 honey per hour = 240 honey).

Then you should send out your honey gatherers again to gather honey and train the remaining worker bees to be gatherer bees as well. Be careful, however, that you have enough space in your larder for all this honey. If you need more space, you should built another larder. A larder will cost you 300 honey and it takes only 10 minutes.

To play at the top of the game you will need 6 residential chambers and 6 larders sooner or later. The number of gatherers‘ chambers may vary. 2 – 3 gatherers‘ chambers should be enough actually.

As soon as you have built 6 residential chambers and 6 larders plus you gatherers‘ chambers, you have reached the point where the Chamber of the Queen needs expanding. It would be useful if you had the royal chamber expanded to level 2 and then follow suit with all the other buildings. After this, expand the Chamber of the Queen to level 3 and again follow suit with all the other buildings. This aim you should pursue up to level 4 of the Chamber of the Queen. From the 5th level upwards you’re no longer protected against attacks and may be attacked by other beehives. But from the 5th level upwards, on the other hand, you can build attackers‘ or defenders‘ chambers and can defend yourself and/or attack others as well.

To prevent false starts, an hourly production of 100 honey is guaranteed. This will protect you from coming to a point where you can’t expand anymore.

From this point on you should devise your own strategy and should also know how to do and handle everything./td>

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