statistic menu

statistic menu

The statistic gives you an overview of your ranking in the entire game. You can fight to get to the very top in the point statistics, in the prey statistics, and in the kills as well as in the def-kills statistics. In order to get to the statistics you have to click on „statistics“ in the menu which you will find below the chat and then you will see the point statistics of the players.



Statistic Explanations
Point statistics: Here all your points and expansions are added together, which will give you an overview of where you stand compared to other players in the overall statistics. Moreover, the best players, the top players in the point statistics, can take part in a final battle where the heroes will fight against each other.
Prey statistics: Here all the players are listed who have succeeded in capturing honey from others. It is important in that you can see from this statistics whether a player is aggressive and belligerent or not.
Kills statistics: In the kills statistics you will see whether a player has a strong offensive or a not so strong offensive. Here every bee is counted you or another player has destroyed during an attack.
Def-kills statistics: The def-kills statistics shows whether a player prefers a strong defensive. Who’s on top in this statistics will probably have a strong defence. If your defender bees fend off an enemy attack successfully, those kills go into your „def-kills statistics“. Even with lost defences those kills you have caused for your attacker go straight into the def-kills statistics. This also includes your defender kills when you have sent out your defenders to support another member of your people.
Experience points The experience points are established by all the actions in the game. The way each action effects those points will stay a secret. We will only reveal that nearly every click in the game will make your experience points grow and rise.

You can also change from the player statistics to the people statistics. In the people statistics you can see all bee people. Here all the points of each member of the people will be added so that there will be a score for each people consisting of the points of its members.

Likewise it will be done for the prey statistics. Each member of a people contributes to the score in the prey statistics. The kills and def-kills statistics will be handled in the same manner, as well as the experience statistics. Every offensive and defensive kill of a member of a people will be added to those of the other members of the people and so results in the final result and the score of each people.

Statistics Calculation:

((Sum of all levels including meadows, without the queen chamber squared) * 10) * ((Level of the queen chamber) * 20) / (number of chambers, including queen chamber without meadows)


6 residential chambers (levels: 11, 13, 14, 14, 15, 15) = 82

6 larders (levels: 10, 11, 11, 11, 12, 16) = 71

2 defenders‘ chambers (levels: 21, 21) = 42

1 attackers‘ chamber (level: 5) = 5

1 collectors‘ chamber (level: 11) = 11

4 meadows (levels: 2, 7, 7, 7) = 23

1 royal chamber (level: 21) = 21

= ((82 +71 +42 +5 +11 +23) ²) * 10) * ((21) * 20) / 17 = 13,527,952 points

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