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Gatherers‘ Chamber



Gatherers' Chamber


In the gatherers‘ chamber you can train your free worker bees to become gatherers. These you can send to the meadows to collect honey for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8 hours. Premium members may even send out their gatherer bees to the meadows for 12 hours. Please remember that you can always send out your gatherer bees for full hours only.

The more gatherers bees you have bees, the more honey the collectors can collect. Note, however, that shorter flying times mean more honey, because every hour longer your gatherer bees spend in the meadows gets you 0.4 honey less.

This means that a gatherer bee may collect in:

Duration Honey Calculation Status
1 hour 08,0 honey 1 * 8,0 Non-Premium
2 hours 15,2 honey 2 * 7,6 Non-Premium
3 hours 21,6 honey 3 * 7,2 Non-Premium
4 hours 27,2 honey 4 * 6,8 Non-Premium
5 hours 32,0 honey 5 * 6,4 Non-Premium
6 hours 36,0 honey 6 * 6,0 Non-Premium
7 hours 39,2 honey 7 * 5,6 Non-Premium
8 hours 41,6 honey 8 * 5,2 Non-Premium
9 hours 43,2 honey 9 * 4,8 Premium
10 hours 44,0 honey 10 * 4,4 Premium
11 hours 44,0 honey 11 * 4,0 Premium
12 hours 43,2 honey 12 * 3,6 Premium

Sometimes get you Gelee Royal too from the gatherer bees, if they coming home.

Tip: If you need more honey, you need to send out your collector bees for a longer time. But you have to take into account that the rate of loss during a longer flight is higher than if you let your bees collect honey several times for 1 hour every time. You must therefore decide whether you want them to be gone longer and accept the risk of losses or whether you can make it possible to send out your gatherer bees again every hour or every other hour.