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Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

The Residential Chamber (Living Chamber / Habbitat Cell) are important for your hive because they provide space for your free worker bees.

The free worker bees will be born depending on the expansion stage of your royal chamber and they will need space. If the full number of your bee population is reached there won’t be any more offspring.

It is important to make sure that you have more space for newborn bees in your hive than you need because you can train your free worker bees to become gatherer, defender, attacker, spy, saboteur and guard bees.

Maximally, though, you can built a total of 6 residential chambers in your hive. This means for you that once the maximum number is reached, you will need to expand your residential chambers. Each new stage of expansion provides space for a further 20 bees.

Tip: Sooner or later you will need the full 6 residential chambers, to ensure a sufficient population in the beehive. Free workers you can train to become attacker, defender, gatherer, saboteur, destroyer, guard or spy bees. Since you will need many free bees for this, you should build and later expand all 6 residential chambers. If your residential chambers are full, the births of the queen are lost and you have a loss of free worker bees, which perhaps you might need.

Gatherers‘ Chamber



Gatherers' Chamber


In the gatherers‘ chamber you can train your free worker bees to become gatherers. These you can send to the meadows to collect honey for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8 hours. Premium members may even send out their gatherer bees to the meadows for 12 hours. Please remember that you can always send out your gatherer bees for full hours only.

The more gatherers bees you have bees, the more honey the collectors can collect. Note, however, that shorter flying times mean more honey, because every hour longer your gatherer bees spend in the meadows gets you 0.4 honey less.

This means that a gatherer bee may collect in:

Duration Honey Calculation Status
1 hour 08,0 honey 1 * 8,0 Non-Premium
2 hours 15,2 honey 2 * 7,6 Non-Premium
3 hours 21,6 honey 3 * 7,2 Non-Premium
4 hours 27,2 honey 4 * 6,8 Non-Premium
5 hours 32,0 honey 5 * 6,4 Non-Premium
6 hours 36,0 honey 6 * 6,0 Non-Premium
7 hours 39,2 honey 7 * 5,6 Non-Premium
8 hours 41,6 honey 8 * 5,2 Non-Premium
9 hours 43,2 honey 9 * 4,8 Premium
10 hours 44,0 honey 10 * 4,4 Premium
11 hours 44,0 honey 11 * 4,0 Premium
12 hours 43,2 honey 12 * 3,6 Premium

Sometimes get you Gelee Royal too from the gatherer bees, if they coming home.

Tip: If you need more honey, you need to send out your collector bees for a longer time. But you have to take into account that the rate of loss during a longer flight is higher than if you let your bees collect honey several times for 1 hour every time. You must therefore decide whether you want them to be gone longer and accept the risk of losses or whether you can make it possible to send out your gatherer bees again every hour or every other hour.

Hero Chamber

In the chamber of the hero you can equip your hero with items and strengthen him. Similarly, you can train your hero with honey which increases his vitality and energy. The higher the level of the hero, the higher is his vitality. The cost of the items also rises with the level of the hero, i.e. the higher your hero is trained, the more expensive the items are.



Wasp: Are you a player who focusses on both attack and defence in equal measures. Then you should choose the wasp, because it strengthens your attacker and defender bees by around 15% each.



Bumblebee: If you are a player who prefers complete defence the bumble-bee is just the right hero for you, because the bumble-bee strengthens your defence by 30% and so ensures the security of your beehive.



Hornet: The hornet will strengthen your attackers by 30% and so is the perfect choice for all players who focus primarily on attacking.
Tip: Since your hero reflects your way of playing, you should think long and hard about how you want to play your game. There is something to choose from for every type of player, aggressive or passive. So think carefully before you choose your hero.

With the attitude you can design and devise your hero more individually. You can for example take an attacker hero and improve him with strong defensive values, so that, in case of an enemy attack, he may defend a lot better than he would if he was simply attuned to attacking.

There are a total of 11 levels for the attitude of your hero from lout (aggressive) to „in love“.

Aggressive is consistent with the hornet, which means 100% attack. In love is the bumble-bee – and this strengthens your defence by 100%.

Importance of the Hero

Hero Meaning
Hornets can choose between the attitude stages 11 and 6 (100% – 50% attack, 50% -75% defence) (aggressive – neutral)
Wasps can choose between the attitude stages 9 and 3 (90% -60% attack, 60% -90% defence) (fighter – sweetie)
Bumble-bees can choose between the attitude stages 6 and 1 (75% -50% attack, 50% -100% defence) (neutral – in love)

The attitude at a glance:

Attitude Attack Defence
Lout 100% attack 50% defence
Rowdie 95% attack 55% defence
She-goat / he-goat 90% attack 60% defence
Prankster 85% attack 65% defence
Rascal 80% attack 70% defence
Normalo 75% attack 75% defence
Cutie 70% attack 80% defence
Softie 65% attack 85% defence
Sweetie 60% attack 90% defence
Cuddly pet 55% attack 95% defence
In love 50% attack 100% defence

Buy Items

At midnight you always get 4 new items to choose from, which don’t get updated during the day unless you buy new products for 1 Gelee Royal.

To see which functions an item has, just click on it and then in the box „item information“ you can read what the various items strengthen, and by how many per cent.

In order to purchase items, you just have to pull them in the brown box, your so-called backpack, and then the honey will be deducted from your stockpile. From this moment on the items are yours already. But in order to let them really help in your hero’s fight you have to drag them to your hero. If you do not have enough honey in stock for an item, you can not buy it.

You can buy a maximum of 13 items. 5 items van be positioned on your hero and 8 items you can store or keep in your brown box, your backpack, exchanging them with an item already on your hero according to the situation.

Remember, however, if your backpack is filled with 8 items, there is no place to store an item your hero casts off to exchange it for another. You should take care that there is always at least one free space in your backpack.

Sell Items

You can sell items as easily as you can buy them. You just have to drag the items with your mouse from the brown box to the dealer. Note, though, that only 50% of the purchase value will be refunded for premium players.
Change Hero

Often players made mistakes with their choice of heroes and later had to act with a hero not to their liking with a game tactic that didn’t match their own. But now you can finally still change your hero later. For 10 Gelee Royal you can simply change your hero by clicking on one of the hero pictures highlighted in grey (shown in red in the illustration).

Change Hero

Change Hero

Afterwards you have to confirm once again that you really want to change your hero. When changing heroes the values achieved don’t get set back – they persist.




The meadows provide your hive an hourly honey supply. How much this is depends on how many free bees you have available in your hive. Free bees are the bees which have not been trained as gatherer, attacker, defender, spy, saboteur or guard bee. These free bees go to the meadows every minute for your hive and thus provide the basic supply for your beehive.

The more free bees you have, the higher is your hourly meadow production.

Also, the expansion stage of your meadows determines the amount of the basic supply. The higher the meadows are expanded, the higher the honey production is.

Therefore, you have to find the balance which will provide the best honey production.

Similarly, each hive has a guaranteed honey production of 100 honey per hour from its meadows, so you can never sink to the value 0. That way you can still secure the survival of your hive, even when some building and expanding has gone wrong.

There is an exception, however. If you have not logged in for a longer time your meadow production will be reduced by 10 percent every day, even down to zero, so your hive can not be farmed any longer.

Meadow formula:

(0.12 factor * free worker bees * (sum of all stages of expansion of the meadows / 4)) + 100 = hourly meadow

Example Calculation:

(0.12 factor * 250 free worker bees * (level 4 + level 3 + level 7 + level 6) / 4) + 100 = 250 honey

Tip: Try to keep your meadow production low if your are not online often enough to spend the honey or don’t have defenders in your hive. Because once attackers observe that there is a lot of honey to steal it will be difficult to get rid of them again.

On the other hand, it makes sense for you to expand your meadows if you come online frequently and therefore can squander your honey quickly.