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Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

The Residential Chamber (Living Chamber / Habbitat Cell) are important for your hive because they provide space for your free worker bees.

The free worker bees will be born depending on the expansion stage of your royal chamber and they will need space. If the full number of your bee population is reached there won’t be any more offspring.

It is important to make sure that you have more space for newborn bees in your hive than you need because you can train your free worker bees to become gatherer, defender, attacker, spy, saboteur and guard bees.

Maximally, though, you can built a total of 6 residential chambers in your hive. This means for you that once the maximum number is reached, you will need to expand your residential chambers. Each new stage of expansion provides space for a further 20 bees.

Tip: Sooner or later you will need the full 6 residential chambers, to ensure a sufficient population in the beehive. Free workers you can train to become attacker, defender, gatherer, saboteur, destroyer, guard or spy bees. Since you will need many free bees for this, you should build and later expand all 6 residential chambers. If your residential chambers are full, the births of the queen are lost and you have a loss of free worker bees, which perhaps you might need.

Destroyers‘ Chamber



In the destroyers‘ chamber you can train your free worker bees to become destroyers. These offer you the opportunity to dismantle stages of chambers already built. Per stage you want to dismantle one destroyer bee is needed. Once it has been trained, you can go into any chamber and dismantle it by clicking on the „remove chamber“ button at the bottom.

An example: You do have a gatherers‘ chamber level 5 and want to completely demolish it, then you will need 5 destroyer bees to do this. They will all be needed in the gatherers‘ chamber for the dismantling.

The destroyer bee can only be used once and dies after having finished its work. The destroyers‘ chamber is available to you immediately.