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Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

Living Chamber

The Residential Chamber (Living Chamber / Habbitat Cell) are important for your hive because they provide space for your free worker bees.

The free worker bees will be born depending on the expansion stage of your royal chamber and they will need space. If the full number of your bee population is reached there won’t be any more offspring.

It is important to make sure that you have more space for newborn bees in your hive than you need because you can train your free worker bees to become gatherer, defender, attacker, spy, saboteur and guard bees.

Maximally, though, you can built a total of 6 residential chambers in your hive. This means for you that once the maximum number is reached, you will need to expand your residential chambers. Each new stage of expansion provides space for a further 20 bees.

Tip: Sooner or later you will need the full 6 residential chambers, to ensure a sufficient population in the beehive. Free workers you can train to become attacker, defender, gatherer, saboteur, destroyer, guard or spy bees. Since you will need many free bees for this, you should build and later expand all 6 residential chambers. If your residential chambers are full, the births of the queen are lost and you have a loss of free worker bees, which perhaps you might need.

Profile edit & design

Profil Edit

Profile Edit

Profile / Edit

Profile / Edit

In order to get to your profile, you need to click the „profile“ button in the lower menu. Here you can adjust several features. For one, you can change your password and your birth date. Then, you can choose your gender and enter your location.

Most important is probably the function to edit the profile. In the large central window, you can use the codes you like to create your own page as you desire. Your imagination has no limits. To view your profile, you can then click the „preview profile“ button. There you will then see the profile you designed.

In addition there is the option to delete your account, so be very careful with your password so that you don’t find your account deleted one day by someone else.

Premium users have an additional button „Avatar“. Here you can upload your own avatar. Images must be in one of the following formats: .jpg. .gif or .png. The image file size must not exceed 1000 KB.

The image size should be 100 x 100 pixels, although there is a function that cuts larger pictures, but you can never be sure whether the image section selected is the one you want to be presented.

edit profile

edit profile

Tutorial – Edit Profile

To explain the upload of pictures to the profile to all we will show you in this tutorial how it is done.

1. Selection of the image

For the selection of the image you should take care that the image is not protected by copyright and that it contains no forbidden characters, symbols, etc. If this is not the case, you must first store it on your own hard disk.

2. Upload

To upload the image, you have to save it on a webserver. This can be done on your own server or a public one, such as for example

Note: At you have to click on the plus at the bottom and take the local link.

3. Embed

If the image has been uploaded, you can embed it in your profile with the correct URL address. Simply copy and paste the URL and embed it between the codes.

For checking the image you can simply open a new window in your browser and then enter the URL. If only your image displayed, you have the correct URL link.

Now you can embed the picture between the different codes.

4. Save

Then first save your profile before you have a look at the preview.

Profile Codes for editing your profile

Name Code
Font bold [b]Text[/b]
Italic font: [i]Text[/i]
Font underlined [u]Text[/u]
Text alignment center [center]Text[/center]
Text alignment right [right]Text[/right]
Text lists
Text 1
Text 2
Images [img][/img]
Links as a direct link [url][/url]
Links with text [url=]Text from the link[/url]
Links with picture [url=][img][/img][/url]
Text color highlighting for a short text [color=#FF0000]Red Text[/color]
Text size [size=20]big Text[/size]
Background image [bgimage][/bgimage]
Background color [bgcolor]#FF0000[/bgcolor]
Global text color [txtcolor]#FF0000[/txtcolor]
Global link color [linkcolor]#FF0000[/linkcolor]
Text color for limited text [color=FF0000]red Text[/color]
Text size [size=24]big text[/size]
Link to player [player]name[/player]
Link to colony [colony]colony[/colony]

Some examples for colors:

Colour Code
Yellow #ffff00
Red #ff0000
Blue #0000ff
Black #000000
White #ffffff
Purple #800080
Green #008000
Orange #ffa500
Silver #c0c0c0
Gold #ffd700

In order to get more colors, you can change the individual numbers from 0-9 and the characters a – f arbitrarily or check the internet for „color codes“.

Tip: Optimum width for a background image, which appears without repetition, should be 1000 pixels. Moreover, it should not contain too many different colors, because if you want to write something over it it will be difficult to find an optimum text color so that you can easily read everything.

Similarly, you should make sure that your picture and your profile are not sexist, pornographic or otherwise of a nature unsuitable for minors or contain a link to an adult website or breaking otherwise the law.