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Guards‘ Chamber

Guards´ Chamber

Guards´ Chamber

From the 5th level of your „Chamber of the Queen“ you can train your free worker bees to become guard bees. A guard bee will cost you 1,000 honey and must be trained in your guards‘ chamber. Even if you have many guard bees there will always be only one guard bee on patrol. The duration of the training is 20 minutes.

The guards serve you to fend off espionage by other hives. If another player tries to spy on your hive you have an even chance to fend off this spy.

Your guard dies when the spy succeeds in infiltrating your hive. If your guard bee catches the spy, the enemy spy dies without sending a message to its hive.

Enemy saboteurs must first overcome your guard as well. Here you have the same even chances to fend off the enemy saboteurs to protect your hive.

Tip: Because your guard tries to protect you from enemy sabotage and espionage attacks you should always have some trained guards available. If there are no guards in your hive you will never know whether there has been a spy in your hive or whether you have been sabotaged because none other than your guard bees can give you this information.

Spy Chamber



The spy chamber with the spy bees is available to you from the 5th level of your royal chamber.

In this chamber, you can train any free worker bee to become a spy bee for 1,000 honey. The training lasts 20 minutes per bee.

Your spy bees can spy on other beehives and will give you useful information. But not every intelligence flight is successful. If the player you want to spy out has a guard in his hive, you have, as well as he, an equal percentage chance to succeed.

If the guard bee of your opponent doesn’t detect your spy bee you get the useful information. If you are discovered, your spy bee won’t come back alive.

In order to get to the spy chamber you must first click on the Chamber of the Queen to get to the spy chamber from there.

You can enter the name of the player you want to spy out and then send out your spy bee.

By the time you’ll see how long it will need to get to the other beehive.

Tip: Before you attack an opposing player you should always spy him/her out before to get as many information about him/her beehive as possible to protect yourself against losses.

If you are out for attacker kills, you can of course look out for defenders. How you use your spy is left to you, but you should send the spy out as often as possible before the attacks, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.